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Bonjour Agnes,
Ton travail et tres magnifique!
I think that your use of colour is great and your compositions are nicely balanced.

Jason Nelson , Thunder Bay (CANADA) . Envoyé le 19/04/2010
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Good artwork. Especially love the village and portrait series.

Sridhar Ramasami , Nanchang (CHINE) . Envoyé le 10/04/2010
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I wish my French were better so I could write in your language. I am an artist also, and I seek to continually grow in my work. Occasionally I come across an artist who captures me totally-- imagination, subject, vision, command of color. I feel as if I just hit the jackpot. What delight you give. Thank you.

Dayle Ann Stratton , Vermont (ÉTATS-UNIS) . Envoyé le 20/03/2010
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Clem, I have been following your work on wetcanvas for a long time now and have always loved your distinctive and absolutely refreshing style.
There are some pieces of yours stuck in my memory which I don't find here though... "The laughing cow" and " Bottles waiting for a bus".. love them all!

avani , mumbai (INDE) . Envoyé le 16/03/2010

I love your paitings Clementine, really good and interesting.

Lisa Astrup
from Wet Canvas

Lisa Astrup , Slangerup (DANEMARK) . Envoyé le 26/01/2010
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Great work. I admire all the paintings!

cngamba , Manipur (INDE) . Envoyé le 26/01/2010

Je viens de faire une promenade fantastique ... avec un faible pour les galeries 1 . Cet accent sur des regards étranges ... m'a beaucoup interpellée ..ces visages .. ben ils en disent des choses ...
3 .4 parce que j'aime l'abstrait ..les couleurs et les textures ... bravo l'artiste .

clode , Montréal du Gers (FRANCE) . Envoyé le 18/01/2010
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